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Birthday Party Coach Transfers

Sidcup – Birthdays Coach Hire 
Treating a birthday boy or girl to a day out in London is the perfect way to make them feel truly special and this is sure to be an experience that they will never forget. Of course, to really mark this special occasion you will want to take a few of your child’s closest friends out with you for the day. Arranging birthday coach hire is a good way to save yourself the hassle of finding somewhere to park and driving through the big city, as the vehicle comes with a driver who will take care of the details for you. 
The driver of your Sidcup minibus hire will arrive at the appointed time and place to pick up everyone for this special day out. Children are sure to love spending their birthday at Funland, which is a vibrant theme part located in the West End district of London. Funland boasts a huge range of fun simulator rides that are designed for children of all ages as well as adults to enjoy. There is also a collection of more than two hundred different video games from all around the world to play on, while other games and other forms of entertainment here that are provided to make sure that the fun keeps on flowing include ten pin bowling, pool and indoor dodgems. 
Children can experience the fun of the farm and get back to nature when you take them on a trip to Stepney City Farm. This is the perfect opportunity for city kids to interact with a wide range of different types of animals and learn more about them. Stepney City Farm was established back in 1979 and features all of the usual cute and cuddly animals that you would expect to find on any working farm as well as ferrets and other more unusual animals. Kids that enjoy making things are sure to love the special craft sessions that are held on Saturdays, while Stepney City Farm can also be booked for special children’s birthday parties, which include all the trimmings. 
Older children are sure to love spending time at Pasaje Del Terror. Also known as the Passage of Terror in English, this hair raising attraction is certainly not for the faint of heart and you can be sure that there will be plenty of thrills and spills to enjoy here. There are lots of dark pleasures waiting to be discovered inside this unique attraction and this is one of the most terrifying attractions in the whole of London. The attraction features a range of spine tingling special effects and special effects that will keep visitors on edge every step of the way and really set the heart pounding. The attraction is inhabited by a whole host of scary and very real creatures like zombies and mad clowns, who will pop up when you least expect it and really sort the men from the boys. To treat your child to a spooky experience that they will never forget, make sure that you check out the Pasaje Del Terror, which can be found in the Trocadero Centre in the Piccadilly district of London.  
You can also schedule a trip to Hamley’s toy shop so that you can let your child pick out the perfect present to celebrate their birthday. At the end of this fun day out in London the driver of your minibus hire in Sidcup will be waiting to take everyone home and if you wish you can arrange several stops on the way back home so that your child’s friends can be dropped off at their door before you head home so that the birthday boy or girl can play with their new toys.