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Sidcup Day Trips Coach Hire  
Sidcup is a suburb district located within the Royal Greenwich Borough. It started out as a small village by the road during the reign of King Henry VI. At that time, the village was part of an estate owned by the tycoon, Thomas de Sedcopp; thus it’s easy to guess where the name originated from. 
If you are interested about the great origins of Sidcup, we as Sidcup minibus Hire Company will give you a magnificent glimpse of the town through our day trip packages. You will have a minibus hire in Sidcup driver to chauffer you around and also be your guide for the day. 
Things to Do in Sidcup 

The Sidcup Place 
Sidcup place is a 17th century house constructed in a unique star fort shape, and it is said that each of its star points align to those of a compass. The Sidcup Place first started out as a dwelling place for one of the rich families in the area. Through the centuries it morphed into a collage, boarding school and then a council office. Outside the building is the vast acres that contained a pitch, tennis court, a private wall garden and a putt course. However, you may not be able to see these outside attractions as the entire surrounding will be levelled down to grass lawns. 
The Lesnes Abbey Ruins 
The story of Lenses Abbey is one of great financial struggle that saw the building fight for existence throughout the 14th century. Though there was an attempt to rebuild the abbey in the 16th century, these efforts were too late as much of the building was crumbling. A big part of the abbey was brought to the ground and some of the debris used as construction material. Nonetheless, there is still a few stones that were left unturned and they have lived to tell the story of these ruins.  
Events in Sidcup 
We Are FSTVL (2016 Live Concert), Aveley Road, Damuns Hall Aerodrome-Upminster (28th May 2016) 
Code Name: Santa Fe (The Secrets of Hall Place in WW2), Hall Place & Gardens, Sidcup (19th March 2016) 
The 2016 Colour Conference, Arena Square, London (28th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
With any of our day trips coach hire in Sidcup packages, you get a top notch Ford Transit, a luxury Mercedes or any of our economical Volvos. Our professional minibus hire in Sidcup drivers are quite friendly and will give you a comprehensive tour through the city explaining each attraction as you see them. Visit our Sidcup minibus hire website and see what great offers we have on day trips.