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Stag do/Hen do coach hire

Sidcup Stag Do/ Hen Do Coach Hire 
The wedding bells are almost around the corner so you have this one last night of fun. Your groomsmen already have the location and drinks sorted or your girls are prepping you up for that Rock Concert happening in town. The only thing missing in this picture is a state of the art Mercedes 16 Seater with quality music and a professional chauffer. 
So, if you are looking for a stag do coach hire or a hen do coach hire, our Sidcup minibus hire website is the right place to go to. Bachelor or bachelorette parties are a recent addition on our package with plenty of perks to be enjoyed. We give you a state of the art Ford Transit or sleek looking Volvos then put a trained driver behind your wheels to be the chauffer for the night. 
Things to Do in Sidcup 
Here are some ideal attractions to visit on your way to the great concert. Just make sure not to end up in the same medieval building as the girls because they need not know what the boys are really up to. 
The Gothic Bath House 
The girls may find the gothic architecture spooky, but you and the boys will busk in its beauty. The Gothic Bath House is exactly what the name suggests; an ancient plunge bath house constructed right next to the Cray River. Run your fingers along the grand texture of the flint brick edging, or gaze at the enchanting cruciform-gable roof.  
One other thing you will appreciate about this place is the ingenuity with which it was constructed. The bath house was fed by a sluice gate that fed water into the water from River Cray, and then a second sluice gate drained the water away from the bath. These two gates made sure the bath house water level was maintained at 4 feet while the excess drained back to the River Cray.  
The Red House 
The Red House is another magnificent edifice boasting of 18th century gothic architecture. It was the dwelling place of William Morris the creative who found the Arts & Crafts movement. The Red House’ unique aesthetic touch is so grand that Sir Edward Jones described it as the most beautiful place on earth. 
The Hall Place and Gardens  

This is ideal attraction for the bride and her maids as they will appreciate the vast bouquet of flower gardens leading up to the main Tudor mansion. The Hall Place was completed in the early 15th century for one of the famous mayors who governed the council of London. This pristine mansion is surrounded with over 65 acres of vast plush gardens. The guides within the vicinity will be glad to give you a tour of the many rooms in the mansion, the massive chambers and the great hall within. The hall is available for events like weddings or the reception party after; so ask for a quote while at it. 
Events in Sidcup 
The 2016 Colour Conference, Arena Square, London (28th April 2016) 
We Are FSTVL (2016 Live Concert), Aveley Road, Damuns Hall Aerodrome-Upminster (28th May 2016) 
The Master Investor Show (2016), 52nd Upper Street, London (23rd April 2016) 
Solar System Galaxy Universe, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Bexley Borough (17th March 2016) 
Code Name: Santa Fe (The Secrets of Hall Place in WW2), Hall Place & Gardens, Sidcup (19th March 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
How about if we put you and your groomsmen in a luxury Mercedes coach so you can show up at the stag do in style? Or we give the 16 seater Volvo a personalised decorating to suit the ladies night out of fun? As minibus hire in Sidcup, we are committed to make it happen so your hen do coach hire can be the most memorable one.